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  In October of 1997, I discovered the internet. Since then, I have created three personal web sites, three virtual domains, a book store and an ezine. In January 1999, I built a publishing house from the ground up.

  Since I enjoy building web sites, I've recently started taking on a few clients. If you'd like your own web site, but can't seem to find the time to learn about html, ftp and all that jazz, maybe I can help. Take a tour of the web sites I've created and if you like what you see, drop me a line. Reasonable rates.

Beverly Stowe McClure's author web site.
Lida E. Quillen's author web site.
Robina William's author web site.


button  My current work in progress is Twilight Times - a digital journal of speculative fiction. Featuring speculative short stories, artwork, articles, poetry and music.

button  Another website under construction is an Official Home Page.

button  Visit Twilight Times Publications



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